Diane Langberg PhD Counseling Practice in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (PA) Diane Langberg, PhD Psychologist in Jenkintown, PA

We offer high-quality professional care from licensed psychologists and counselors whose work is grounded in their faith in Jesus Christ.

We are redeemed people who have experienced God’s grace and have been called, gifted and trained.

We serve our clients by:
bringing God’s healing grace to them
promoting God’s redemptive kingdom work in their lives
restoring and strengthening their service in the body

We believe our work is to be:
grounded in Scripture
inhabited by the Spirit
undergirded by prayer
a demonstration of the love of Christ to his people and the world

“What is holiness?  It is internal dedication in Christ to God, by his Spirit working in us, so that our life is molded from within to his blessed will, revealed in his word.” -- H.C.G. Moule